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Looking for something special for your newborn baby? Are you completing a layette for your little one? We have something special for you: BABY NEST SET 5-element sleeping set: baby pod, mattress, anti-shock/ butterfly pillow, blanket and flat pillow. This set includes five top essential products for every layette. It is double-sided so easly fits to your style & mood. This cozy and warm nest with soft additions will ensure the safety and healthy sleep of the baby and will provide you peace of mind and psychological comfort. Our set will make it easier for your little ones to nap or when visiting friends. He will not be afraid of new places, because he will always feel safe in his pod.

Such a baby set is also a great gift idea for new parents on the occasion of Baby Shower. All these products are made 100% by hand from the highest quality materials in various designs and colors based on current trends and a timeless classic.

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